Reply to Temptalia's Post: How Do You Organize All Of Your Beauty Products?

As I was looking through Temptalia's blog, I read this thread and decided I wanted to contribute!

This was fun to do. I love seeing other people's stashes but I had no idea taking pictures of my own would be just as fun!

I like doing my makeup while sitting and since I don't have a vanity yet I make do with sitting on the floor in front of my mirror, which is surprisingly comfy ^_^. I keep just about everything on the bottom shelf of my cute, little white bookcase.

I throw my face moisturizers and foundations on the left. Oh and there's that bottle of brush cleaner too. I love the stuff, I've tried a couple of other brush cleansers and that's the one I prefer for a quick, in-between-washings, cleaning.

These are my face brushes. I like keeping them in that little vase; it makes it easy for me to grab the one I want. That little red gem was something I found in Forever 21 at the bottom of a basket haha. Don't worry I didn't steal it! I asked the guy if I could have it ^_^

Here's the top drawer of my 3-tiered container. It contains my face/eye/lash primers, mascaras, and a few other random things that I threw in there.

The second drawer is where my blush/contour/highlight items go as well as a concealer and that Studio Fix.

The last drawer is where I keep all the short handled brushes like eyeshadow brushes and a couple face ones as well. I also keep my eyelash curlers in there and other random little things.

I used to keep everything in those three drawers but as my collection grew, it became harder to find things so I got this 8 drawer container with shallow drawers to make it easier to see everything at once.

The first little drawer contains all my eyeshadows.

A couple eyeshadow palettes...

Eyeliners, a shadestick, and random eyeshadows here!

My modest collection of lipglosses heehee

I love my lipsticks~

These are the stila lipglazes that I have...I'm not sure why I put them in a seperate drawer from the lipglosses but...whatever haha.

The last drawer is a little boring and bare...just eyelashes and things.

This is what I use to transport my collection of makeup! Of course I have to have a little bottle of brush cleaner for on-the-go clean ups!

Alright well...that's it. I hope that was fun to read...that is if anyone reads this at all. LOL

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Cosmetic Company Outlet Haul

Ooh, I just went to the CCO in Ontario Mills and it is SO much better than the one at The Block! Can't wait to post pictures of my haul!

Alright I finally got home from work and just took a few pictures of my "haul." It's technically only two items but I spent enough for it to be considered a haul so yeah!

First up is something that's been around for a while. I've always heard good things about it and it goes for quite a bit on eBay. That is the MSF in Petticoat! I got mine for $19; such a steal! Also, it's such a pretty color and not at all glittery like a couple other MSF's I've had in the past. To me, it looks like a scoop of strawberry ice cream with raspberry swirls :3

The MSF itself is very soft and like I said, not glittery at all since it is so finely-milled. On the skin it looks like a nice shimmer flush of pink; very buildable, I love it!

My second purchase was very exciting for me. Tada~

A "Perfect Style" brush kit! This is one from the 2008 Holiday set that was exclusive to Nordies and Saks. There's one on the MAC website now, same exact set, except the current one has a mint green lining as opposed to my hot pink one.

I actually prefer the hot pink lining anyway. I had been lemming for the full-sized 187 for a while, my SE one I got from Novel Twist collection bleeds too much blank dye when I wash it...

This set comes with four full-sized brushes; the 187, the 168, the 222, and the 263. It retailed for $125, which actually only saves you the cost of buying that bag. I bought mine from CCO for only $87 which saves me a lot more ^__^

Anyway that's my purchases. Until next time!


I should start keeping track...

I think this will be a good way for me to keep track of the things I buy. Mainly makeup but perhaps other purchases as well. I love shopping so who knows what I'll end up with on my next trip! I know it may sound like I'm a crazy shopper but I like to think of myself as a true shopper. I don't buy things impulsively. Instead I shop around for deals and I typically don't buy something without careful consideration. Differenciating between something I want and something I need is definitely a challange but I'd go broke otherwise!

I've never done well with "diary" type things. I tried keeping one as a child but after the first couple of entries I usually just stop writing. When livejournal and the like first became big, I tried those too, only to stop typing up entries after the first month or so. I don't have a facebook/myspace/xanga (do people even use these anymore?). I had a Friendster at one point but again I stopped using it. Perhaps this will be different! I love makeup, so writing about it should be a breeze~

We'll see... ^_^