I should start keeping track...

I think this will be a good way for me to keep track of the things I buy. Mainly makeup but perhaps other purchases as well. I love shopping so who knows what I'll end up with on my next trip! I know it may sound like I'm a crazy shopper but I like to think of myself as a true shopper. I don't buy things impulsively. Instead I shop around for deals and I typically don't buy something without careful consideration. Differenciating between something I want and something I need is definitely a challange but I'd go broke otherwise!

I've never done well with "diary" type things. I tried keeping one as a child but after the first couple of entries I usually just stop writing. When livejournal and the like first became big, I tried those too, only to stop typing up entries after the first month or so. I don't have a facebook/myspace/xanga (do people even use these anymore?). I had a Friendster at one point but again I stopped using it. Perhaps this will be different! I love makeup, so writing about it should be a breeze~

We'll see... ^_^