Reply to Temptalia's Post: How Do You Organize All Of Your Beauty Products?

As I was looking through Temptalia's blog, I read this thread and decided I wanted to contribute!

This was fun to do. I love seeing other people's stashes but I had no idea taking pictures of my own would be just as fun!

I like doing my makeup while sitting and since I don't have a vanity yet I make do with sitting on the floor in front of my mirror, which is surprisingly comfy ^_^. I keep just about everything on the bottom shelf of my cute, little white bookcase.

I throw my face moisturizers and foundations on the left. Oh and there's that bottle of brush cleaner too. I love the stuff, I've tried a couple of other brush cleansers and that's the one I prefer for a quick, in-between-washings, cleaning.

These are my face brushes. I like keeping them in that little vase; it makes it easy for me to grab the one I want. That little red gem was something I found in Forever 21 at the bottom of a basket haha. Don't worry I didn't steal it! I asked the guy if I could have it ^_^

Here's the top drawer of my 3-tiered container. It contains my face/eye/lash primers, mascaras, and a few other random things that I threw in there.

The second drawer is where my blush/contour/highlight items go as well as a concealer and that Studio Fix.

The last drawer is where I keep all the short handled brushes like eyeshadow brushes and a couple face ones as well. I also keep my eyelash curlers in there and other random little things.

I used to keep everything in those three drawers but as my collection grew, it became harder to find things so I got this 8 drawer container with shallow drawers to make it easier to see everything at once.

The first little drawer contains all my eyeshadows.

A couple eyeshadow palettes...

Eyeliners, a shadestick, and random eyeshadows here!

My modest collection of lipglosses heehee

I love my lipsticks~

These are the stila lipglazes that I have...I'm not sure why I put them in a seperate drawer from the lipglosses but...whatever haha.

The last drawer is a little boring and bare...just eyelashes and things.

This is what I use to transport my collection of makeup! Of course I have to have a little bottle of brush cleaner for on-the-go clean ups!

Alright well...that's it. I hope that was fun to read...that is if anyone reads this at all. LOL


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